Study About People Getting Exposed to Harmful Things and Getting Diseases


Researchers are working with a cohort of 1,313 people. They waited couple years to see which ones would expose themselves to some possibly harmful thing and 851 of them did.  The other 462 did not have (report) the exposure. Then they waited a few more years and observed which people got the disease and which did not. The following table summarizes the results.
                   No disease    Got disease    Total        
Not exposed      308               154           462       
Exposed            142               709           851       
Total                 450               863          1313    

a.    Compute the odds ratio for getting the disease. Interpret this odds ratio in words to answer the question ‘Whether a certain disease is associated with a certain exposure?’
b.    Calculate the Relative Risk. Interpret this result.


This question belongs to Statistics and it is about a survey of 1313 people, out of which 851 people expose themselves to a possible harmful thing and the rest of them did not expose themselves. Now, from these people, the percentage of people who can get a disease from exposed and not exposed.

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