Study About Doctors and Other Professionals and The Difference in their Breakfast


A survey asked professionals “Which of the following is your most common choice for breakfast?” Using the following data from a random survey, determine whether doctors choose breakfasts in different proportions from other professionals, to a 0.05 significance level.

              Cereal    Pastry    Eggs    Other    No bfst    Total       
Doctors      85         22         47       60         17          231       
Others      185        90        160     135         35          605       
Total         270      112        207     195         52          836    

a.    Which test do you use to answer this question?
b.    State a Null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. Write in words.
c.    Bring the calculated value of chosen test with appropriate parameters
d.    Make a decision what hypothesis must be accepted. Give the explanation in accordance to the asked question  


This question belongs to Statistics and it is a survey on professionals and doctors and their range of breakfast. The study is to identify doctors’ breakfast being different from other professionals.

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