Strategic Marketing Analysis

Strategic Marketing Analysis
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Strategic Marketing Analysis of XYZ United Group

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Research Methodology
3. Organizational Background
a. Industry Background
b. Organization Description
c. Vision and Mission
d. Product/ Services and Market

4. Organization Strategy and Marketing
a. Definitions
i. Strategy
ii. Strategic Objectives
iii. Marketing Strategy
iv. Marketing Objectives
b. Strategic Objectives, Marketing Strategy and Marketing Objectives of XYZ
c. Evaluation of Marketing Strategy and Contribution in Achieving Strategic
d. Market Analyses
i. Market Potential
ii. Market Share of the Product and Services
e. Marketing Mix: Definition and Analysis for XYZ Group’s Products and

5. External Environment and Competitors Analysis
a. PESTLE and Its Impact on Strategic Marketing
b. SWOT Analysis
c. Porter’s Five forces Analysis
d. Direct and Indirect Competitors
e. Critical Review of Competitor’s Marketing Activities
f. Conclusion and Future Market Activities
g. Porter’s Generic Competitive Advantage
h. Evaluation and Comparison of Competitive Advantage using Competitor’s

6. Market Segmentation and Options Analysis
a. Market Segmentation and Its Importance
b. Current Market Segmentation for XYZ Group
c. Market Segmentation for Future Growth
d. Strategic Marketing Options: Ansoff’s Matrix
e. Evaluation of Options
i. Potential Barrier and Risk Analysis
ii. Cost Benefit Analysis
ï‚· Most Appropriate Strategy
f. Summary

7. Strategic Marketing Plan
a. Strategic and Marketing Objectives
b. Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix
c. Responsibilities
d. Time Period for Implementation
e. Monitoring and Control
f. Return on Investment
8. Recommendations
9. Conclusion


Executive Summary
This is a strategic marketing report, which has mainly nine sections. Section one and two explains about the strategic marketing and research methodology used to complete this paper. Section three describe about industry background, mission, vision, products and services and market definition of XYZ Group. Section four describe about vital strategic and marketing variables that form organization’s strategic and marketing analysis like strategic and marketing objectives of XYZ Ltd., market potential and market shares, marketing mix, etc. Section five of this paper will discuss about the external environment and competitor analysis which comprises PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis. Porter’s five forces analysis, direct and indirect competitor of firm, evaluation of competitor’s marketing strategies, future marketing strategies of XYZ Ltd. This paper also discuss about evaluation of current and future market segmentation, strategic analysis with the help of Ansoff’s Matrix, assessment of risk and barrier associated with the options and most suitable strategy for the company to achieve its objectives in section six. These analyses are essential for any firm. XYZ Group has successfully utilized its core competencies and converted them into competitive advantage.
In the section seven, the report discuses a strategic marketing plan for the firm which comprises marketing objectives, marketing strategies, responsibilities, time periods, monitoring and control and return on investment. The section eight and nine explain recommendations and conclusion. Thus, this report describes a complete strategic marketing analysis for XYZ Group with the help of data and information retrieving from various internet sites and books.

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Strategic Marketing

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