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The Form Of Analysis That Begins With Open Coding

Question Which form of analysis begins with "open coding"? A) none of the above B) ethnographic analysis C) Phenomenological/hermeneutic analysis D) grounded theory analysis   Summary The question belongs to Statistics and it discusses about the form of analysis that begins with open co ... Read More

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The Appropriate Procedure Used For Analyzing Verbal Expressiveness And Self-Esteem

Question Which multivariate procedure is most appropriate for analyzing the following data: A researcher is testing the effect of verbal expressiveness, self-esteem, age, and the availability of family supports among a group of recently discharged psychiatric patients on recidivism (i.e whether the ... Read More

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Calculation Of Correlation Between Study Hours And Score For A Test By A Company

Question Umbrella Corporation requires that its production employees to pass safety training courses before they are allowed to work with dangerous chemicals. This year, Umbrella decided to offer free test preparation services to five of its employees who took the test. After taking the exam, the e ... Read More

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Calculation Of The Range Of Plausible Values For Correlation Between 1st And 2nd Year Sales

Question As part of the first-year evaluation for new salespeople, Ada, the sales manager for Umbrella, estimates the second-year sales for each salesperson based on his or her sales for the first year. Using data from company records going back several years, she constructs the following scatter p ... Read More

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State Null And Alternate Hypothesis For Testing Percentages And Probabilities

Question A business analyst is studying trends related to university majors in the United States. Specifically, she is interested in the enrollment proportions for various majors, and which majors are the most popular. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the distributi ... Read More

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State Hypothesis And Calculate Chi-Square Test

Question A psychologist is studying the effects of certain stressors on overall job satisfaction. One stressor is job insecurity, in particular, a person’s belief about the chances of losing his or her job. Using the General Social Survey (GSS) data, the psychologist develops the following ta ... Read More

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Make SPSS Calculations And Answer Research Question

Question You need to complete the following request set by a fictitious professor. Dear student, I've been struck down by a debilitating illness that has rendered me unable to work or dispense statistical advice. Unfortunately, the evaluation of QPS’s Party Safe program is due shortly and I ... Read More

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Find Exploratory Factor Analysis And Reliability Analyses For Given Data

Question The attached survey was used to collect job-related data from Hong-Kong employees. Using the SPSS data file provided, run an exploratory factor analysis and reliability analyses to answer the questions below. In your FA, use the principal component method with varimax rotation on variables ... Read More

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Calculate Forecasting Results With Weighted Moving Averages And Exponential Smoothing

Question A teacher wanted her students; X, Y, and Z, to forecast the demand for January 2016 and give two measures of performance of their forecasts. More specifically, she wanted each student to distinctly select one of three forecasting methods (two students cannot select the same method); simple ... Read More

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Calculate Forecasting Using MAPD And Determine Whether It Is Working Or Not

Question Monthly attendance, A, at certain seminars for the past 24 months, and forecasts, F, for those Months, are shown in the following table. Month A F Month A F Month A F 1 47 43 9 25 35 17 51 55 ... Read More

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Plot A Scatterplot Diagram And Interpret The Data

Question Open the "AmesHousing.csv" data set again and (if it is not there already) create a new variable named "totalsf" to represent the total square footage of a house. It will be composed of the variables "First_Flr_SF," "Low_Qual_Fin_SF," "Open_Porch_SF," "Scnd_Flr_SF," and "TotalBsmtSF " adde ... Read More

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Make A Scatterplot And Interpret The Data

Question Often times, the dependent variable is transformed using the natural logarithm function, ln(y) in order for the assumption of normality to be more reasonably satisfied (price data are oftentimes very non-normal). If we let Y* = ln(Y); then it can be shown that (eβ1–1)100 is now ... Read More

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