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Conduct Multivariate Regression Analyses In An Organization

Question Using the data set provided below, conduct multivariate regression analyses to answer the following two research questions:  1. Controlling for gender, age and tenure with supervisor, what are the relationships of procedural justice and organizational politics on an employee's o ... Read More

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Calculate Average Of Students Test Score And Represent It In A Graph

Question Given data- Population School Population Teachers Groups Grade 9-12 in Book Binder Grade 9-12 Simple Random Sample 5 students from each grade 1 teacher from each grade            ... Read More

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Analyze SPSS Data And Write Report On The Results

Question Use the ustudy.sav file. This time, consider that you collected data only on ACADRNK, YRSPHD, SALARY, and PUBLCTN from the 20 faculty. The purpose of your analysis is to group this faculty into separate clusters based on the data you have. Therefore, run a cluster analysis ... Read More

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Analyze SPSS Data For Differences In Weights Of Male And Female Babies

Question You need to conduct a hypothesis test about two population means. Since the t-test for two population means compares the means for two populations, your dataset should contain a binary (dummy/indicator) variable that divides your sample into two groups (e.g. female vs. male, developing cou ... Read More

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Use Poisson Distribution To Calculate Values Of Parameters

Question A company makes water pumps. The probability that a randomly selected pump is defective is equal to p. What is the probability that a sample of M pumps will contain exactly 3 defective items? Use Binomial distribution and Poisson distribution. Comment upon your results. Parameters are cal ... Read More

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Calculation Of Percentage Of Bolts That Don’t Meet Specifications

Question A manufacturer produces bolts that are specified to be between 2.25 and 2.35 cm in diameter. Production process produces bolts with diameters normally distributed with mean X cm and standard deviation s cm. What percentage of bolts will not meet specifications? Parameters are calculated a ... Read More

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Calculation Of Values Of Parameters And Solution Process

Question Find the general solution of the following ordinary differential equation ANALYTICALLY (please show all your working): eax dy/dx = 1/y2 Parameters are calculated as follows: (a) Calculated values of parameters: a = (b) Solution process: y(x) =   Summary The question belongs to S ... Read More

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Discuss About Descriptive Statistics And Using Explore Function In SPSS For Data Analysis

Question USING SPSS (1) describe your data sources, (2) present descriptive statistics and (3) explore the data. Write up to 5 pages to describe your data sample and descriptive statistics. Describe your data sources. Brief descriptions of data: data source (first hand or second hand; where did ... Read More

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Analysis Of Covariance Using Dependent And Independent Variables

Question Briefly state your research area of interest. (research interest related to business management or project management). Analysis of Covariance. Using your area of interest, identify one dependent and two independent variables, such that the independent variables would likely be covariates. ... Read More

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Testing Hypothesis Using Regression Model And R-Square Tests

Question Using the ustudy.sav file, the following hypothesis will be tested: H1: The likelihood of a faculty being in a public or a private university is predicted by the number of years since they got their doctorate and their salary.  Dependent variable: UNIV (type of university) = depe ... Read More

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Statistical Test Used To Analyze Variable With Participation Versus Non-Participation

Question Which statistical test would you use to analyze the following data: Variable 1 is the participation versus non-participation of patients with a pulmonary embolus in a special treatment group; variable 2 is the pH of the patient's arterial blood gases. A) ANOVA B) Pearson's r C) t-test ... Read More

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Type Of Protection For Study Participants Where Responses Are Not Divulged

Question A questionnaire distributed by mail bears an identification number in one corner. Respondents are assured that their responses will not be individually divulged. Which procedure used to protect study participants is being used here?   A) Freedom from harm or exploitation B) informe ... Read More

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