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Testing Manufacturer’s Claim on Toy’s Demands

Question Monsterz Toyz has developed a new action figure for boys that comes in six different colors. The manufacturer claims that the ratio of colors in each batch (in order from least to most popular) is 10% green, 10% red, 15% white, 20% yellow, 20% black and 25% blue. The last batch from the fa ... Read More

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Study on People’s Memory Using Pearson Correlation Coefficient

QuestionA researcher ran a study to determine the relationship between how good a person thinks their memory is and how well they actually do on a memory task. They were asked to score their memory (where 1 = very poor and 10 = excellent). Their actual memory was tested by showing them a video of a ... Read More

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Study on Young Offenders According to their Birth Order

QuestionA Youth Correction Center completed a study to explore the proportion of delinquent behavior, according to birth order, among two groups of teenagers (males and females, age 12-17). The data are given in the table below. Determine whether there is a difference between male and female offende ... Read More

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Study on Comparison of LSAT, SAT Verbal and SAT Math

QuestionA professor wants to analyze the relationship between his students’ LSAT practice scores and their Verbal SAT and Math SAT scores from high school. The table below represents 15 randomly selected students’ raw scores on the various standardized tests. Student    &n ... Read More

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Calculating Statistical Values from Australian Department of Transport on Road Deaths in 2008

QuestionRoad fatalities are a major concern to many governments, including the Australian. Road accidents not only cause driver fatalities, but also the death of many road users such as passengers in vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists. The following table presents data in 2008 for the ... Read More

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Calculating The Incidence of University Graduates Receiving Job Offers With 90% Confidence Level

QuestionThe job placement service at a university observed the not unexpected result of the variance in marks and work experience of the university’s graduates: some graduates received numerous offers, whereas others receive far fewer. To learn more about the problem, a survey was conducted of ... Read More

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Calculate Statistically Whether or Not Machines Need to be Replaced or Repaired

QuestionThe production manager of a company that manufactures car seats has been concerned about the number and cost of machine breakdowns.  The problem is that the machines are old and are becoming quite unreliable.  However, the cost of replacing them is quite high and the manager is not ... Read More

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Analyze Unemployment Rates in Australia Between 1995 and 2008

QuestionThe monthly Australian unemployment rates for 1995-2008 are recorded and stores in the Excel sheet attached and answer the following questions:a)    Plot the time series and briefly describe the patterns in the time series.b)    Estimate a linear trend line.c)&n ... Read More

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Sub-dividing Numerical Values

Question1.    Numerical variables can be subdivided into which two types?A. Cross-sectional and discrete    B. Discrete and continuous    C. Nominal and progressive    D. Diverse and categorical    2.    In a r ... Read More

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Probability of Landing Number Greater Than 2 in Playing Dice

Question1.    If a die is rolled one time, find the probability of getting a number greater than 2.  A. 2      B. -1      C. 5/6      D. 4/6    2.    The following data were obtained from a ... Read More

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Probability of Landing Number 10 on Two Dices

Question1.    A drug is reported to benefit 40% of the patients who take it. If 6 patients take the drug, what is the probability that 4 or more patients will benefit?A. 0.179    B. 0.667    C. 0.862    D. 0.138    2. &n ... Read More

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Effect of Sample Size and Sample Mean of a Large Distribution

Question1.    The theorem that states that the sampling distribution of the sample mean is approximately normal when the sample size n is reasonably large is known as the:A. central tendency theorem    B. point estimate theorem    C. simple random sample ... Read More

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