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Problems of Managing Data Resources in a Traditional File Environment

Question What are the problems of managing data resources in a traditional file environment and how are they solved by a database management system? 1. List and describe each of the components in the data hierarchy. 2. Define and explain the significance of entities, attributes, and key fields. ... Read More

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Simple Random Sampling from the ‘Sampling Department Staff List’

Question This question concerns simple random sampling from the ‘Sampling Department staff list’ given in Table 1 of Unit 4 (Section 2). You are going to choose a simple random sample of size 13 from that list using the random number table provided in the appendix to Unit ... Read More

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Calculation of Sample Median for the Population

Question Suppose that a population of 1000 people responds to a particular question as shown in Table 2. Table 2 Response              Rating    NumberMuch worse                  1      & ... Read More

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Producing Scatterplot with Expenditure Using Minitab

Question The Office for National Statistics also collects data on UK residents’ expenditure on their visits abroad. The Minitab worksheet expenditure.mtw contains data on the number of visits abroad by UK residents (in thousands) and the total expenditure on those visits ( ... Read More

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Z Scores in Calculating Height of Women with Standard Deviation

Question The heights of women aged 20 to 29 are approximately Normal with mean 64.3 inches and standard deviation 2.7 inches. Men the same age have mean height 69.9 inches with a standard deviation 3.1 inches (McDowell et al. “Anthropocentric reference data for children and adults: United Sta ... Read More

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Advantage of Using Median Value and Mean Value when Describing Data

Question Using your own hypothetical data, describe why it would be advantageous to use the median value over the mean value when describing your data? Include a comment on how outliers may be influencing your data.     Summary This question belongs to statistics and discusses the adv ... Read More

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Discussion About Disk Drive Defect Rate Manufacturing Process

Question   The defect rate of a disk drive manufacturing process is within 0.9% - 1.7%, with 98% confidence. We inspect a sample of 1000 drives from one of our plants. Consider the following scenarios (i) We observe 12 defects in our sample and (ii) there are 27 defects in the sample.   ... Read More

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Data Analysis of Disabled in US

Question   Conduct a Data Analysis as detailed below and submit a 5-page paper on what the data tells you about disability definitions based on your data analysis. How to do the paper? 1. Pick one data set from the below list or you can find your own. 2. Choose a topic area, i.e. employmen ... Read More

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Interpreting Health Disparity Based on Epidemiological Data

Question Find an example of a health disparity as reported by epidemiological data. Share the example and interpret the data.  What does the data say?  What population is experiencing the health disparity?  Answer Drop an email to and get instant acce ... Read More

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New York State Lottery Instant Games

Question 1. The New York State Lottery advertises that, for its instant lottery games, there is a 4 in 21 chance of winning. If you buy only one instant lottery card, what is the chance you will win? 4/21 b. 1/21 c. (4-1)/21 d. It is not possible to determine the expected relative frequen ... Read More

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Calculation of Variance and Standard Deviation for Texas Lottery Ticket

Question During the holiday season, the Texas lottery has a scratch-off game called "Stocking Stuffer". One dollar is required to play the game and ticket prizes range from $1.00 to $1000.00. The probability of winning each prize is given below. PRIZE         ... Read More

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Estimation of Regression Equation to Predict the Buy Again Rating

The Tire Rack, America’s leading online distributor of tires and wheels, conducts extensive testing to provide customers with products that are right for their vehicle, driving style, and driving conditions. In addition, the Tire Rack maintains an independent consumer survey to help drivers he ... Read More

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