Statistical Analysis Of Data And Interpretation Of Results


For this question you will be working with the violence study data which is available in the sav files attached. It requires that you conduct appropriate statistical data analyses to answer a number of research questions. First make sure that you understand the meaning of all variables in the data set and the way they were measured. Answer all parts of the questions. For each question justify the procedures you used, report the results, and interpret the results of your analyses to answer the question. Also make sure to check and report on all the assumptions made when conducting these analyses.

1. The researcher that collected the data expects for males and females to be equally represented in the sample. Use the appropriate method to assess this assumption.

2. Is there a relationship between self-concept and violent behavior ratings (self-reported)?

3. Is antisocial behavior as reported by the child “predictive” of violent behavior ratings (self-reported)?

4. Is there a relationship between the type of environment in which a child lives and exposure to television violence?



The question belongs to Statistics and it discusses about analyzing the data given in sav files and interpreting the results.

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