Statement Review of John Selden


“I cannot fancy to myself what the law of nature means, but the law of God. How should I know I ought not to steal, I ought not to commit adultery, unless somebody had told me so? Surely ‘tis because I have been told so? ‘Tis not because I think I ought not to do them, nor because you think I ought not; if so, our minds might change, whence then comes restraint? From a higher Power, nothing else can bind.”

John Selden, (1689) Table Talk: The Law of Nature.

1:  Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the main concepts, principles and rules relating to Jurisprudence.
2:  Explain how Jurisprudence seeks to address problematic, substantive and procedural legal issues.
3:  Explain the complexity associated with procedural and substantive legal issues raised when researching scenario areas in Jurisprudence.
4.  Demonstrate knowledge and creativity when explaining, criticising and synthesising primary and secondary sourced material.


The question belongs to Law and it is a statement review by John Seldon (1689). The statement explores the theory of natural law. Natural law as doctrine by Sir Thomas Aquinas and others about the theory of natural law has been explained in detail in the solution.

Total Word Count 2511

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