Sociology Questions


1. Define the terms sex, gender, and sexuality
2. Compare the symbolic interaction theory and conflict theory with respect to how they view gender stratification.
3. Provide a critical assessment of the structural functional perspective on gender stratification.
4. What are institutions and why are they important?
5. According to structural functionalist theory, how does the family stabilize society?
6. Explain how some traditional roles of the family have been outsourced in modern society. Provide examples.
7. Describe the courtship process.
8. Define cohabitation, explain why couples live together without getting marries and discuss its social function.
9. Describe three sources of inequality in education.
10. Discuss how the informal environment in schools influences education. Provide examples of positive and negative impacts.
11. Describe and discuss the impact of poverty on children with respect to family conditions and their education.


These questions belong to Sociology. The questions ranging from structural functionalism, institutions, cohabitation, sex, gender and sexuality, courtship process, importance of education in poor families and such other questions have been answered. The solution has detailed and explanatory answers to all the above question with appropriate examples wherever needed.

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