Social Determinants of Health and Current Public Health Provision


Section 1:  Social Determinants of Health (SDH)

Identify at least five socio-economic determinants of health & explain how these determinants are related to health inequalities in the UK (For example, Education, unemployment, gender, safe housing, Age, Tobacco and alcohol use, density of fast food outlets, Air pollutions, Long term claimants of Jobseeker allowance, 19-24 not in education or training, low income)

Section 2: Corresponding policies for the above SDH

Select 5 current policies in Health and Social Care (For example, Health Act 1999, Care Standards Act 2000, Health and Social Care Act 2012, Care Act 2014, Food Safety policies, Pollution policies, Policies of Health Education and Health Promotion, Diet and Nutrition Policy, Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act 2002, ─ Explain how these policies are implemented in your placement.

  • Each socio- economic determinants must to have two policies
  • For example, tobacco explain the meaning, which part of body it affects, how many people and author etc

Section 3:  Current Public Health Provision

Choose 1 current provision of Public Health (Mental health, Cancer screening, Dementia, the black report and inequality in the community, Free school meal, Diabetes screening UK) and explain how this provision is relevant to your placement,

Briefly compare 1 piece of current Public Health data with your own borough (For example smoking related death in your borough vs. data in the UK, mental health in young adults in your own borough vs. data in the UK, death caused by different cancer in the borough vs. data in the UK)


This question belongs to Nursing and discusses the social determinants of health (SDH). It also discusses corresponding policies for SDH and current public health provision.

Word count: 3500

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