Small business is an important component of the business environment of any country, discuss


Prepare a research report of 2,000 (minimum) to 2,500 words (maximum) on the following topic:

Small business is an important component of the business environment of any country, and a significant contributor to employment creation, economic growth and societal well-being. Notwithstanding this widely acknowledged positive contribution, the growth and welfare of small business is often constrained by a range of factors such as the lack of capital/credit, and managerial expertise or appropriately skilled human resources, corruption, and many country specific considerations e.g. poor infrastructure.

1. For this assignment you need to undertake research on the small business environments in two countries (Brazil and United States) and compare (contrast) the constraints and strengths for small business development in these countries
2. Your research report should
a. detail and contrast the environment for small business (growth/development) from each country, focusing in particular on the constraints and strengths (factors supporting small business development) present in these two countries; and
b. should include specific recommendations to improve the small business environment in both countries.
3. Your report should include the following sections: ‘Introduction’, sub-sections for the main issues you will be discussing; ‘Conclusions’, “Recommendations’, ‘Learning Points’ and ‘References’.


The question belongs to Economics, particularly macroeconomics and it is about conducive business environment, particularly for small businesses in the United States and Brazil. Various factors such as financial assistance, special programs, management skill and development, government regulations, etc and others have been discussed in the solution.

Total Word Count 2508


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