Scenario On Effective Communication For Health Assessment


Ms Sanja Boyd, 36-years-old, visits the local GP clinic because she noticed that the ‘mole’ which she has had for many years on her left leg has started to change rapidly over the last few months. She says initially it was a “flat brownish spot” but that it had become raised with irregular borders. Upon further questioning, Sanja states that she “loves sun bathing as well as visiting the tanning salon on a regular basis”.

1.    Discuss the skills and techniques the nurse may utilize to facilitate effective communication when interviewing Ms Boyd as part of the nursing health assessment.
2.    Based on the information provided in the case study, identify three key areas that the nurse should focus on during the interview with Ms Boyd. For each key area, identify two relevant questions you would ask her and provide a rationale to support each question you have identified.
3.    Discuss how the nurse may provide both privacy and dignity for Ms Boyd during this consultation.
4.    Explain the patient teaching required for Ms Boyd, with appropriate rationales.


The question belongs to Nursing and it discusses about a scenario about a person whose benign mole is changing rapidly over the last few months. Questions about the diagnosis have been answered.

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