Scenario Analysis: Paper Money Investment: Pretend that you have $10,000 to invest for four weeks.


Play Money Paper

Pretend that you have $10,000 to invest for four weeks. You are to "invest" this money in stocks or mutual funds and to track your investments on a weekly basis for four weeks (see schedule for due date). Pick five different stocks or funds to follow.

Write a report on:

•    Why you selected the investments you did
•    Whether any noteworthy company results, news events, or economic events impacted your investments during this period (show your gains or losses for the period)
•    How your investments' performance compared with the performance of the S&P 500 index during this period
•    Your tracking of the following three stock market indexes:
•    Dow Jones Industrial Average
•    S&P 500 stock index
•    Russell 2000 index for small caps


The question belongs to finance and it is about an assumed investment of $10000 for 4 weeks. The amount can either be invested in any stock exchange in America and in mutual funds, the details about the profit or loss earned by this investment are to be given. The solution explains this in more details.

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