Scenario Analysis of Experiment by Jane Elliott Inducing Infreriority among Students


Imagine the following scenario from a famous experiment by Jane Elliott:

On the first day of Jane Elliott’s experiment, she told her students that possessing blue eyes indicated superiority in intelligence and conferred extra classroom privileges and having brown eyes indicated inferiority. Quickly, the students with the “superior” color began to oppress those with the “inferior” color and those with the “inferior” color exhibited negative self-worth and fear. The next day, Elliott reversed the exercise, telling the students that her statements of the previous day were untrue and that the reverse situation now prevailed. The same children who had been oppressed the day before quickly took on the role of oppressors and vice versa.
Describe in 500 words or less how this experiment correlates with your reading on prejudices, stereotypes, and self-fulfilling prophecies, relating it to the content of pages 46–49 of the textbook and using the correct terminology and theories from the textbook. Think about questions, such as the following:

•    Why did the participants feel inferior when they were in the oppressed group?  
•    How can that feeling be related to current stereotypes involving race, gender, ethnicity, and religion?
•    How does the self-fulfilling prophecy apply to this experiment?  

Additionally, include any personal experiences from the previous activity as it relates to the article and readings.


The question belongs to Sociology and it is a scenario analysis where a teacher points out that some physical traits are superior while others are not and vice versa. This had induced a sense of superiority in children whose physical traits were told to be superior. An explanation for this experiment has been given in the solution in detail.

Total Word Count 450

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