Scenario analysis: Human Resources Practices for start-up companies



You are a specialized advising team from the highly successful Human Resource Consultancy Company known as “On-Target Consulting”. A new technology company (Bytes Electronics) is preparing to open its Australian operations and the National HR Manager wishes to obtain your advice on how the company should structure its HR operations.
After some initial conversations with the General Manager of Bytes Electronics (Ms Cutter) your team walked away very concerned as she indicated to you that Bytes Electronics is “In the business of making computer componentry not making everyone feel good about themselves. They can go to the gym for that. In my experience of managing a workforce, all you get is conflict so why bother trying to change things. I’m sure the Australian government has laws in place that reflect my way of thinking”.
After reflecting on Ms Cutter’s comments, your team has concluded you will need to remind Ms Cutter of the strategic role that HR can play within an organization as well as the importance of understanding HR within the environmental and legal context that Bytes Electronic will be operating in Australia.

As a result you need to prepare a report that answers the following:

1. What is the role of Human Resource Management within modern day organizations? What advantages does HRM provide?
2. Explain to Ms Cutter the different ways in which organizations can view the relationship between Organizations/Capital and Workers/Labor. In considering this issue, you will need to consider whether HRM operates within a particular framework. You will need to then explain how these different theoretical lenses might shape the role that HRM has within different organizations.
3. Comment on the legal context that influences HR operations within Australia. Your discussion should include the following:
      • What approach have legislators taken to regulating work in Australia?
      • Do the provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) reflect the comments made by Ms Cutter?
      • What are the various interests and issues that the Australian Government is attempting to balance with its laws? (E.g. regulation of collective bargaining, work standards, unfair dismissal regime)
4. After considering these issues make recommendations on how Ms Cutter establishes the HR function within her organization to ensure the long-term success of her organization.

Knowing that Ms Cutter is a seasoned practitioner, you are acutely aware of the importance of justifying your work with academic material in order to convince her of the legitimacy of your arguments. The CEO of On-Target Consulting, a fellow named Troy, has made it known that any report that merely summarizes literature rather than engaging in a process of critical evaluation will not be looked upon favorably when performance management review time rolls around!


The scenario is about Bytes Electronics. Bytes Electronics is planning to take the advice of HR manager in constituting the new HR policy for the company. The company wants the HR policy in line with the company’s strategy, so that the human resources are more aligned with the company and thus ensuring their efficiency.

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