Role Of A Leader In Contributing Quality To An Organization


Task 1

Outline your role as a leader of your business unit in the contribution to quality that your organization delivers to it's customers, both internal and external customers.

Task 2

What continuous improvement models have you discovered whilst undertaking the training.
As the manager of your business unit what model of quality/continuous improvement would you adopt for your area? Outline in dot points the steps that you would need to undertake if you were to introduce one of the models to your functional area.
What different communication strategies would you use with different stakeholders to ensure that your message of continuous improvement is received?

Task 3  

Review the documentation outlining your team's performance against organizational quality standards, specifically focusing on customer service. If documentation is not available, please conduct a quality check and undertake some analysis for you business unit over the previous 12 month period.
Analyze your findings and then answer the following questions:

• In what areas does your team perform well?
• What challenges does your team face in meeting customer service standards, both for internal and external customers?
• What specific improvements within your operating environment are required over the next 6-12 months?  
• How would you monitor whether your continuous improvement initiatives are working?


The questions belong to Human Resource Management.  The questions are about the role of a leader is to possess all the knowledge and information regarding the functioning and operations of an organization to be able to efficiently run the organization and deliver results. Other questions are about implementing continuous improvements in an organization for achieving better results. The rest of the details can be found in detail in the solution.

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