Review: Uncertainty Avoidance: Public Sector Clients And Procurement Selection


The attached paper entitled “uncertainty avoidance: public sector clients and procurement selection” discusses a range of factors and attributes as criteria for the selection of procurement methods used in public sector agencies.

Use the concepts explained in the paper along with the theory you learned in this module to prepare a written report in which you discuss the types of contracts and variables affecting their selection in your organization:

Use your current/previous organization and/or experience as a case study;
Write a 2500 - 3000 word report: The following sections should be covered in your report:

·    Section 1: Give background about your organization (300 – 400 words Max)
·    Section 2: Describe the type(s) of contract(s) used in your organization (if more than 2 contract types are used in your organization, please describe only 2 contracts)
·    Section 3: Explain the assessment criteria that led your organization to select that type(s) of contract(s)
·    Section 4: Discuss the limitations and disadvantages of the selected type(s) of contract(s) adopted in your organizations
·    Section 5: Discuss and explain the possibilities of using alternative/new procurement contract types as a way for improving your organization performance. Discuss and explain potential barriers for the adoption of these alternative procurement methods in your organization
·    Section 6: Write conclusions that summarize the main findings from the above sections.


The question belongs to Management and it discusses about reviewing a paper titled “Uncertainty avoidance: public sector clients and procurement selection”. The solution discusses various questions.

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