Review Of Paul Green, Journal Of Marketing Research, And The Challenges Facing Marketing


Analyze an article about academic integrity for scholarly argument and academic originality. State how clear is the argument. How is the information presented? How and where is outside evidence incorporated? Is the evidence used at the beginning or for a specific point? How is citing, referencing, paraphrasing used? How do you know the article is peer reviewed and generally accepted fir citing, referencing university work?

Paul Green, Journal of Marketing Research, and the Challenges facing Marketing written by Robert Meyer Vol. L (February 2013)

Academic Integrity in a Cultural Context

In your academic program along with your professional life, your personal integrity is a key to success. Demonstrating integrity in your leadership roles, communication skills, and leadership practices will not only inspire trust in those around you and in your personal life, but will also help to instill loyalty in your co-workers, and clients in your professional life.

For this Discussion Question, consider your culture of origin in addressing the following topics:

Focus on the notions of intellectual and academic integrity and reflect on cultural attitudes toward and presumptions about whether a person can ‘own’ words and knowledge. Are these notions perceived differently in different parts of the world and have modern trends such as globalization and easy access to information promoted significant changes? Consider how academic integrity, originality and ownership are also applicable within your organization. Do you believe the same presumptions regarding academic integrity hold true in your career as an employee of an organization? How might an individual or organization be held liable for not crediting, referencing, or citing the works of other practitioners? Provide an example situation in which you were, or may be asked to, provide research and reference on specific materials for a sector of your organization. You may wish to do additional research to support your views.


The question belongs to Marketing and it discusses about the focus on the notions of intellectual and academic integrity reflecting on the cultural attitudes of a person. This has been discussed in detail in the solution.

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