Review Article On Rohingya Refugee Crisis And Answer Questions


The Rohingya Refugee Crisis has recently hit the headlines of international news reports as thousands of Rohingya fled from Myanmar and are being left stranded on boats in the Andaman Sea. A regional meeting among ASEAN countries was convened to address this issue. Read the report on the crisis below for more information: (Refer to:

Assuming that you are an anthropologist planning to conduct a lecture on Anthropology and the causes of the Rohingya Refugee Crisis for a group of undergraduates in a university.

a. Explain Anthropology as a social science discipline and its key branches of study in Anthropology to your students.                                                     

b. Using your information on Anthropology and one of the branches of Anthropology in part (a), write a lesson plan on how you would guide your students on studying about the causes of the Rohingya Refugee Crisis. In your lesson plan, you must also explain how your chosen branch could be used to understand the causes of the crisis.

A possible scope of your lesson plan may include the following:

  • Key aims or objectives of your lesson plan
  • Identify the chosen branch of anthropology that you want to teach
  • Identify the main topics/areas/issues of the crisis and explain its relevance to the chosen branch of anthropology
  • Identify and explain possible research approach/methods that could be employed in studying the topics/areas/issues of the crisis



The question belongs to Sociology and it discusses about review of an article on Rohingya refugee crisis and answer questions about it.

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