Responsibilities of Wife and Husband at Home After Marriage


Traditionally, in the United States, women have been the nurturers; but times have changed. Women are no longer bound to the kitchen. Today's families require women to work outside the home so that they can provide financial support to their families.

Answer the following from your current perspective:
•    What responsibilities will the wife have inside the home?
•    Will the responsibilities change for the husband after marriage? If so, how will they change? If not, why will they remain the same?
•    Is the husband still expected to be the head of the household? If so, explain what roles the husband will be in charge of as the head of the household. If not, explain the distribution of roles within the home.
•    Is the wife still the nurturer? If so, in which areas will she nurture the family? If not, define the nurturing roles each spouse will take.
Describe how your views compare with those of your parents.


The question belongs to Sociology and it discusses about the various responsibilities of a wife at home. the question also discusses the responsibilities of a husband after marriage. A comparison of the old view that a woman should be taking care of the home and the new view about working women has been given in the solution.

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