Resolving Internal Conflicts in an Organization


As a project manager for PlayTime, a nationwide toy store chain, you have accomplished the task of planning, acquiring, and staffing the project team. You and your team are about half way through the project, but you have noticed some tension between a few of your team members. You have heard from other team members that there is a conflict between two people in your cross-functional team. The tension is causing the team to fall behind, and the team is likely to miss some major milestones.


•    List and explain at least two tools and techniques you can use for resolving the conflict among the team members. Compare the two tools and techniques and recommend which one of them is best suited for the given scenario. Provide a rationale for your choice.
•    List and explain the use of at least three tools and techniques you can use to develop a healthy team culture. Compare the three tools and techniques and recommend which one of them is best suited for a cross-functional team. Provide a rationale for your choice.
•    Describe what a "good" conflict is and how it can be helpful in a project team.
•    Do you think recognition and reward are a justified means of creating an effective team culture? Provide a rationale for your stand.


The question is about a scenario which deals with an organization’s internal conflicts and techniques used for resolving conflicts. The question is mainly about how organizations can resolve internal conflicts without compromising on the overall quality and productivity of the organization.

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