Research into the Reasons for Success or Failure of Acquisitions of a Company


Novartis AG is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company which prepares group financial statements. Obtain the annual report of Novartis Group for 2010 (available online on and review the information about acquisitions. This information may be provided in different parts of the annual report including financial statements.


List the acquisitions made during the year. Prepare a report which shows:

1. Your research into the reasons for success or failure of acquisitions in general.

2. Potential advantages of each of the acquisitions in 2010 for Novartis Group.

3. Impact on the consolidated financial statements of these acquisitions including adjustments to subsidiary book values.

4. Your views about goodwill on each acquisition and subsequent goodwill impairment charges, if any.

Please read all questions and information provided carefully. Answer should be made in appropriate length keeping in view the requirement of each question and total counts allowed.



The question belongs to Finance and it discusses about acquisitions made by a company and its analysis.


Total Word Count 925





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