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Managing Project Meetings

As a project manager for PlayTime, a nationwide toy store chain, you are managing a new project involving the creation of a prototype display that will be used in several stores across the country. You have a cross-functional team to work with on the project. In addition, your team members are located in different regions. In spite of these conditions, you plan to conduct regular project meetings to ensure communication and problem solving.


Using the meeting types for The Project Meeting Facilitator: Facilitation Skills to Make the Most of Project Meetings, answer the following questions:
•    What type of meetings do you need to conduct during this project? What would be the purpose of holding these meetings? Keep in mind that you are working with a cross-functional team and team members are placed at different locations.
•    What will be the frequency of the meetings? Provide a rationale for your choice.
•    What facilitation skills would you need to ensure each project meeting is productive, considering that you are working with a cross-functional team and team members are placed at different locations?


The question belongs to Management and it deals with managing and coordinating a team scattered across geographies. An example of a toy store chain has been given where a manager need to coordinate and communicate with a team based on different geographical locations. The manager has to ensure that regular meetings are conducted within the team which promotes communication and understanding which helps in reaching the common goal.

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