Report On Selection Techniques And Program Evaluation Methods For Juvenile Correctional Facility


The scenario.

Australian Juvenile Corrective Service (AJCS) have recently secured 10-year contract to operate a brand new juvenile detention facility on the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia. AJCS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Australian Corrective Services (ACS). ACS sent Bob Ng, the Deputy Human Resources Director from their Melbourne head office to oversee the recruitment and selection of the key staff required to get the facility online. The 110 – bed facility, known as the Tuart Correction Centre (TCC), is due to open in eight months. Some areas of the prison are now open and available to use, including the administration block, and the school / training centre inside the secure area, which the inmates will be required to attend every day. This facility is unique in Australia, as there is a small 25-bed girls’ prison co-located with the 85-bed boys’ prison. Although the male and female inmates won’t ever mix, AJCS intends to use common facilities and resources for both groups, such as the school, training centre, medical centre, sports and fitness centre, and counselling centre. Not only does Bob have to fill the positions, but in order to comply with the terms of their contract AJCS has to resource TCC with staff who fit very specific KSOA criteria and hold specific qualifications.

The three positions Bob identified as most difficult, and mission-critical to fill are the following:
· Correctional Officers (also known as Prison Guards)
· Correctional Officer Team Leaders
· Registered Nurses (Male and Female)
· Registered Psychologists (Counselling Psychologists and Educational and Developmental Psychologists)
Drawing on the past experience of their operations in the eastern states, AJCS has already performed a job analysis on each position and formed job descriptions for each.
The target date for the facility opening is February 28th, 2015. AJCS is required to ensure that all applicants have completed their four-week-long Certificate IV in Juvenile Corrective Operations, which is delivered by their in-house training company. However, only 15 participants can participate in the training at any one time, so the intake of Correctional Officers has to be staggered over a period of time. The following is a list of the positions required and expected start dates:

Job Title

Number of Positions

Start Dates

Correctional Officers (CO’s)

90 (At least 25 females)

All 90 must be on-boarded
by Jan 31st 2015

Correctional Officer Team Leaders

12 (At least 4 females)

All 12 must be on-boarded
by 20 October 2014 to
assist with the selection and
training of the CO’s.

Registered Nurses (Male and Female)

5 (At least 2 females)

All 5 must be on-boarded
by Jan 31st 2015

Registered Psychologists (Counselling and
Educational and Developmental)

2 of each type.

All 4 must be on-boarded
by Jan 31st 2015

Bob Ng has contracted your company, ‘Perth Elite HR’ to manage the recruitment and selection process. You are the Team Leader of the HR Sourcing division for the Perth Elite HR Company and are responsible for creating a recruitment plan to fill all positions by February 28th, 2015. The commencement date for your part of this project is now. The following resources are available when creating your recruitment plan;
· The administrative area and the school/training area of the prison is now complete. This is available for you to use now. This includes four separate fitted out offices.
· $50 000 to purchase goods and services. (This does not mean you HAVE to spend $50 000 – in all business scenarios it is prudent to spend only what is needed to do the job effectively.)
· You will also be provided with two full time HR staff to work under your control (Kim and Abdul), and the ability to employ up to six temporary HR staff for a maximum of three weeks each.
You are required to write a report for AJCS detailing the recruitment plan for sourcing the staff for the project.
The report must include all of the following;
· Your preferred recruitment method for each position, and research and reasons to support your decision.
These must be fully costed. Noto Bene: In most circumstances there are very strict laws which prohibit job advertising from stating that only men or women can apply for a job. You must state how you are going to handle this as part of your response.
· Job and Person Description forms*.
· A set of behavioural-based interview questions for any two of the positions. There must be at least five
(5) questions in each set.
· Your preferred selection methods for each position and research and reasons to support your decision. (Include validity and reliability research for each of your preferred selection techniques)
· A comprehensive budget for your plan, and a responsibility chart showing the roles in the project and who is responsible for each step.
· A detailed evaluation methodology to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the project and its outcomes.
· Your report must be referenced, professionally presented, with a high standard of spelling and grammar.


The question belongs to Human Resources Management and it discusses about writing a report on selection techniques and program evaluation methods for a juvenile correctional facility in Australia where positions for Correctional Officers, Psychologists for counselling, nurses, etc are needed to maintain it.

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