Report on Intervention with Altered Health Status



Answer the following questions:

1.    Briefly describe a situation where it was necessary to revise a patient’s care plan because of deterioration in the patient’s health status.
2.    Describe the clinical and diagnostic assessments that were undertaken to investigate the patient’s deterioration. Discuss the findings and their role in the process of making changes.
3.    a. What nurse-initiated interventions (proactive, preventative) were implemented?
       b. What collaborative interventions were implemented?
4.    Analyse and evaluate the positive and/or negative patient outcomes in relation to the nursing and/or collaborative interventions.
5.    Reflect on this situation and analyse and evaluate what could have been done differently.  Include a self-assessment of your performance in this situation.
6.    Describe how this assessment has further developed your clinical knowledge base and competency.  Analyse the impact on your professional practice with reference to the ANMC Competency Standards for the RN.


The question is about patient being admitted with dyspnoea. The patient has a history of Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease. Further examinations including x-ray and ABG analysis revealed that the patient is suffering from pneumothrax and as a result the patient is finding difficulty in breathing. The solution explains the treatment methods for this kind of situation.

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