Report On Formulating Strategic Plans For Future Growth



You have been asked to submit a report on your organization to the board of directors to enable them to formulate strategic plans for future growth. In your report includes the following:

Task 1:
Give a brief outline of your organization in terms of its background, products and markets
• Using examples, discuss the role of strategic marketing in your organization.
• Using examples, explain the processes involved in implementing a marketing strategy in your organization
•Evaluate the links between strategic marketing and corporate strategy and provide examples of those links in your chosen organization

Task 2:

• Identify and assess key theoretical models used in strategic marketing planning.
• Discuss the way in which your organization implements  its strategic positioning  through a range of marketing tactics
• Identify  relationship marketing activities  implemented by your organization and  evaluate the success of these activities

Task 3:
• Using appropriate marketing techniques ascertain and justify  a  growth opportunity for your organization
• Select and justify a suitable marketing strategy for the selected market.
• State an appropriate strategic marketing objective for the new market and  a marketing mix to achieve this  objective  

Task 4:
•Explain the major changes that have occurred in the external environment and assess the impact on the marketing strategy of your organization.
• Carry out an analysis of your organization’s current marketing strategy and identify its strengths and weaknesses.
• Identify key emerging themes that could affect your organization’s marketing strategy and responses that would help to address these changes effectively


The question belongs to Management and it discusses about giving a report to an organization’s board of directors to enable them to formulate strategic plans for future growth.

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