Report on Ethics by Programmers and Computer Professionals


Ethical codes are in place for one to understand difference between right and wrong.  But the ethics change based on the surrounding and individuals point of view.  Different organization adopts different ethical code based on nature of the business and severity of the service and products.  Ethical code of conduct ensures business and individual’s places interest of clients above their own interest of gain. When the ethical codes were introduced in early 1900’s it was considered as personal matter not as a responsibility of societies.  Computer is playing a vital role in today’s modern tech world.  Data is stored, transferred, accessed across different organization for various purposes.  Creation of new software invention is used by people across the world, so engineers should follow set of rules to deliver product that meets requirement standards.  
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is in place to benefit consumer rights.  IEEE commits to follow 10 rules of conducts:

•    To accept responsibility to their action
•    Reject bribery
•    Treat everyone equal
•    To assist and help others
•    To understand consequence
•    Avoid injury to other property and

1.    The ACM and the IEEE both have a code of ethics. Do some Internet or Kaplan Library research on the codes of ethics for these two organizations. Compare and contrast these two documents. Do they cover all of the same topics? Are there clauses that are in one, but not the other? Does this render one or the other inadequate? Consider both and explain what you would add to create a complete code of ethics for IT professionals.

2.    You work for a large, multinational corporation. The CEO approaches you indicating that there has been a decrease in productivity over the past year, along with a decrease in the quality of work that is being produced. She believes that the root of the problem can be found in Internet and cell phone usage during working hours. The company uses key loggers and has access to all e-mail sent through the company e-mail system. It also has cameras placed on all floors of the building for security that record 24/7. Research the employees’ right to privacy and recommend a plan to address the CEO’s concerns.


The question belongs to Computer Science and it is about ethics while dealing with machines such as computers. The question here is about the ethics that computer programmers and related professionals have to follow in order to make computing including software, hardware and other systems to work as per standards. The solution discusses this in much detail.

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