Report On Employee Development Planning In An Organization



Your chosen organization has requested you to prepare your development plan, which has high input in its strategic plan. In your endeavour kindly address all the below listed points.


·    Your chosen organization has a plan to document skills of its employees, to this effect, kindly use appropriate methods to evaluate personal skills required to achieve strategic goals
·    Your chosen organization has requested you to use techniques to assess the professional skills required to support its strategic direction.


·    Since you have a leadership role in the organization, you are requested to carry out a skills audit to evaluate the strategic skills needed to meet current and future leadership requirements.
·    Apply appropriate techniques to identify your preferred learning style in order to plan your professional development.


·    Utilizing the skills audit result construct a personal development plan that meets leadership development requirements.
·    Use suitable methods to assess the outcomes of a personal development plan against personal work objectives.
·    Evaluate the impact of own learning against the achievement of strategic goals.


The question belongs to Human Resources Management and it discusses about employee development planning in an organization.

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