Report On Economic Evaluation Of Saudi Arabia


Write a Report on the economic evolution of Saudi Arabia: Recent evolution (last few years), current situation & short term prospects (next two years).
Your analysis should allow the reader to get a clear economic diagnosis of the country and to identify its weaknesses, strengths and potential. It should address these questions such as these.

·    What are the main wealth components of the country?
·    What sectors (households, government, firms, external) account for the largest and smallest components of spending?
·    How much do different aggregate spending components contribute to GDP growth?
·    What subcomponents (good/services, durable/non-durable consumption, residential/non-residential investment, defense/non-defense government spending…) account for the growth of each spending component?
·    Consumer confidence and spending. Is the stock market affecting consumer spending? And the housing market? What about the use of consumer credit? And employment prospects?
·    What is happening with investment spending? And with productivity? How is productivity related to investment spending?
·    What is the overall government budget evolution? And what is the evolution of budget components (taxes & expenditures)?
·    How about the external sector evolution? Are the external accounts in good shape?
·    What factors does the Central Bank look at to make decisions? What are the general trends in interest rates?
·    How does the macroeconomic performance compare to that in the rest of the world?


The question belongs to Economics and it is about writing a report on the economic evaluation of Saudi Arabia. The evaluation includes developments in the recent past, current situation, short term prospects, etc. Each of these areas have been covered in the solution in detail.

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