Report on Consumer Behavior of Youngsters on Social Networking Platforms


The Brief

You are all recently hired staff at Pegasus, a leading Australian branding consultancy, and their head office is based in Melbourne. Your job role is to provide research and client support for Pegasus’ client liaison team, which is lead by their manager, Tyler Durden. Pegasus recently met with a new client, ‘FaceWash’, a social media company that provides a new social networking platform combining the best elements of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others, all in one free downloadable app. The massive appeal for this particular product lies in the fact that it can be used by a number of different consumer segments, and the client is specifically focusing on the Tween market. They hope that by engaging younger users with the service, they will be able to hold on to their valuable custom as they get older. Although there is great market demand for this new app, following this meeting, it became clear that the client has very limited knowledge about how consumer behaviour can be managed. In fact, Tyler has been asked to provide a detailed response to a number of questions posed by their CEO, Martin Blank. Martin is desperate to learn more about how his company can grow over the next 12-18 months by better understanding some key ideas about consumer behaviour.

The Task

Tyler has asked you to work as a team an produce a 1500 word report that gives him the detail his team needs to satisfy the new client’s demands. In doing this, you must respond to the three questions that FaceWash have posed. These are:

Question 1: What are the different approaches to consumer learning? Could you give a explanation of which type of learning would be most appropriate to the target audience for FaceWash?

Question 2: How important are consumer attitudes to the way that FaceWash will develop and promote their new social media service? Specifically, what types of attitudes will they seek to influence or change?

Question 3: Since FaceWash are targeting younger consumers, how might the family unit influence and control their use of the service? What problems might they encounter?

The question belongs to Marketing and it is a report on consumer behaviour for a social networking platform called “FaceWash”. The social networking platform is targeting younger customers and particularly a segment called ‘tweens’, who are heavy twitter users. Various questions pertaining to the development and promotion of a ndw social media service and how can the families of youngsters have an impact on the way they use social media have been answered in the solution.

Total Word Count 1533

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