Report On Certification And Accreditation Implementation Proposal


Provide the outline for the Certification & Accreditation Implementation Proposal.

The introduction should briefly state the purpose of the C&A Implementation Proposal and the standardized C&A process to which your proposal document applies. It should describe the need to conduct C&A; summarize the roles and responsibilities of those with key roles in the C&A process; and identify the required four phases of the C&A process for the project client.

A report that includes the following:

o    Introduction to the C&A contents of the report
o    C&A package description and the types of threats, vulnerabilities, exposure, and risks to be expected in the package
o    Phases of the C&A process
o    Need and importance of including the hardware and software inventory
o    High-level description for the end-user rules of behavior within the C&A process
o    Brief purpose for the risk assessment being conducted in the face of existing threats and vulnerabilities, and the purpose of the configuration management and system security plans within the C&A process
o    Conclusion describing the significance of the C&A package


The question belongs to Computer Science and it discusses about outlining certification and accreditation implementation proposal. C & A package description, types of threats, vulnerabilities, exposure and risks expected, phases and conclusion have been discussed in the solution in detail.

Total Word Count 1233

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