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Report on Assets and Liabilities classified into various forms and categories


Assets and liabilities are two of the primary elements that make up the ‘accounting equation’. They both come in a variety of classificatory forms and descriptions. Over the years, and in their various classificatory forms and descriptions, assets and liabilities have been associated with a variety of different definitions, recognition criteria and measurement bases. You are required to: Describe, discuss and analyze this statement; and, Use this description, discussion and analysis to reach your own opinions - which you must clearly state – concerning the most appropriate (respectively for assets and liabilities):

•    Definitions,
•    Recognition criteria; and
•    Measurement bases.


The question belongs to Accounting and it is a report on assets and liabilities in a balance sheet and the various classificatory forms and descriptions. In other words, it is about assets and liabilities and the various constituents that make up the assets and liabilities in the balance sheet. Various heads that fall under each of the categories have been explained in the solution.

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