Remedies Against Misrepresentation Of Contracts


In early 2013, Beauty, a property developer negotiated with Stylish over a new house in the eastern sector of Singapore. Beauty and Stylish had various meetings about the cost and finish of the house. At one of their meetings, Stylish asked Beauty whether the price of the house included curtains, blinds and window coverings. Beauty explained that all the window coverings were provided for in the contract.

Several weeks later Stylish agreed to purchase the proposed house and signed a written contract. The contract however contained the following clause:

“Clause 3 – the contract price of the house excludes all window coverings. The provision of curtains, blinds or other window coverings is the responsibility of the purchaser and will not be provided pursuant to this contract.”

The house was completed in late 2013. Stylish was upset when after taking possession of the keys he realized that blinds, curtains and other window coverings were not provided in the new house.

Advise Stylish of his contractual rights in relation to the window coverings (including a discussion of appropriate remedies).


The question belongs to Law and it discusses about a case of misrepresentation where a property developer promised a customer about fitting the new house with curtains, blinds and window coverings and hadn’t fulfilled the promise. The remedies open for the purchaser of the property have been discussed in the solution.

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