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Cha’an Buddhism And Role Of Bodhidharma

Question Describe the beginnings of Ch’an Buddhism and the role of the Bodhidarma. How does Zen differ from Ch’an Buddhism. In what fundamental ways Zen schools do Rinzai and Soto Zen differ?   Summary The question belongs to Religion and it discuses about the beginnings of Cha& ... Read More

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Write A Term Paper Discussing About The Pyramids In Egypt

QuestionWrite a term paper discussing about the Pyramids in Egypt.Summary These are the historical monuments built over a period of three thousand years. They are the tombs of the Pharaohs of Egypt and their queens. The pyramids were built during the period of old kingdoms till the middle kingdoms. ... Read More

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Book Review: Younger Evangelicals

QuestionWrite a review on the book: Younger EvangelicalsSummaryThe question belongs to Religion and it is about a book review. The book reviewed here is Younger Evangelicals. The book is written by Robert E. Webber and it provokes thought about the evangelism. The solution discusses this further in ... Read More

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The Number of Christians and Muslims in the World

Question1. The percentage of Muslims in the world's population is less than the percentage of Catholic Christians in the world's population. _________2. There are slightly more than two times as many Protestant Christians in the U.S. as there are Catholic Christians in the U.S. __________SummaryTh ... Read More

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Definition Of Religion

Question1. Whenever a person is spoken of as a Jew by the person or others, it means that the person follows the religion called Judaism. _2. The Professor agreed with the part of one of the definitions of religion that says that worship is probably the most basic element of religion. _3. Among the ... Read More

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True Nature of Human Beings Is Spiritual

Question1.    God created the world and humans, and determined the laws; but there is no need for divine or supernatural revelation or for miracles by God because that would indicate that God failed in creating.2.    Matter, evil, sin, disease, and death are not real. H ... Read More

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Doctrine of Trinity Being Polytheism

Question1.    The doctrine of the Trinity is really polytheism. Jesus was only a man who was a prophet. Another person died on the cross while Jesus watched. Calling God "Father" is blasphemy. The revelations began after a visit by Gabriel.2.    God is Jesus. The doct ... Read More

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Jesus Is a False Prophet and False Messiah

QuestionJesus is a false messiah, false prophet, false rabbi, a demonically empowered exorcist, a blasphemer, and not God. There is only one God; therefore, there is no Trinity.There is no God; humans do not have souls; there is no afterlife; everything is matter. Human beings are the measure of all ... Read More

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Scepticism on God’s Existence

Question1.    Maybe there is a God and maybe there is not a God. Explanations: it is impossible for me to know; it is impossible for anyone to know; it is impossible for me and anyone to know.2.    Jesus was originally the archangel Michael. The Holy Spirit is a force b ... Read More

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Practical Religion is Summed Up in Love of God

Question1.    There is no original sin or atonement. Jesus is not God. Practical religion is summed up in love of God and neighbor. Ultimately there is salvation for everyone.2.    The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three gods. Jesus was originally a spirit child of E ... Read More

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Fill In the Blanks Questions

QuestionA person taking a ________ course in a college uses faith not reason.2. Catholic Christians consider human beings to be "totally _________" with the gift of faith in order that they will accept it including in their intellects, emotions, and wills, so that God must overwhelm themSummaryThe ... Read More

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Check Statements for Accuracy

Question1. The Son of God did not exist as a person prior to the conception of Jesus within his mother Mary. 2. What is called the Protestant Reformation, and sometimes the Protestant Revolution, was a movement that initially began in the 1500's AD, when Catholics who wanted to reform the Catholic ... Read More

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