Rape Crisis England and Wales


An association in Switzerland or England that is for elder abused people meaning woman that have been raped. The organization should be an international agency or a non-governmental organization which is involved in the prevention, care or counseling of victims of violence.
On the paper should be:
The methodology for locating and researching such an organization it should include internet searches, magazine/journal articles.

1. Describe the chosen organization with respect to:
a.  The rational for such an organization in the country (why it was started, how large is the problem in the country etc)
b. The overall goal of the organization
c. The organizational aims and objectives
d. The structure of the organization
e. Approaches that are used to achieve the organizational aims and objectives (eg education, advocacy, counseling, services...)
f. The reason for choosing to profile this organization

2. Describe the methodology used to prepare the assignment

3. Document the sources using APA referencing method


The assignment in Sociology is about an NGO named Rape Crisis established in England and Wales. This organization has been set up to support to women subject to sexual harassment, sexual violence, child sexual abuse, rape, assault, domestic violence, rape in marriage, forced marriage and other crimes and violence against women and children. Rape Crisis has statistical data about crimes against women and children. The goal of the organization is to support victims and also women aged at least 16 years about sexual violence. To create awareness in society about sexual harassment, abuse and sexual assault and also to prevent child abuse.

Total word count is 1313


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