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Given the following fluid system, where both the top and bottom tanks are open to the atmosphere and there are two piping paths from the top to the bottom tank path A and path B, that join at point C prior to discharge into the bottom tank at point D.


·    Known quantities: all pipe segments have the same diameter, "D" and the same roughness factor, “f”
·    Assume incompressible, isothermal flow of a Newtonian fluid.
·    Both elbows have the identical friction loss coefficients, Kel
·    The discharge nozzle at point D has a friction loss coefficient of Kdn
·    Other dimensions are shown on the diagram.

a. Assume that the valve on line B is closed. Develop an equation for the velocity exiting the pipe, point D, in terms of known quantities (indicated on the figure or in the assumptions, listed above).

b. Assume that the valves on both lines A and B are fully open and that the friction loss coefficient of the tee at point C is zero. Is the pressure drop through line A (from the tank to point C) greater than, equal to, or less than the pressure drop through line B (from the tank to, point C). Explain the reasoning you use in. choosing your answer.

c. Assume that the bottom tank is totally enclosed and that the pressure inside the tank is maintained at pressure P1 Assume that the valve on line A is closed. Develop an equation for the velocity exiting the pipe D, into the tank at point D in terms of known quantities.



The question belongs to Mechanical Engineering and it is about fluid systems. Two tanks in a fluid system are filled with fluid. Various questions about this fluid system have been answered in the solution with detailed calculation.

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