Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of a Reactor


Find the most suitable reactor for the situation posed.

The company you work for makes a product, GREATSTUFF (G). To make G, reactants NEEDED (N) and ALSO (A) are used. Therefore, G, is made by the following reaction (1):

                                         N + A                   (1)

This reaction is as per the reaction expression in equation (2), r1;

                                r1 = (last digit ID)                   (2)

Unfortunately, whenever N is combined with A, something that is not needed, HORRID (H), is produced as per reaction (3):

                                                N + H                        (3)

The second reaction, equation (3), follows the expression, as shown in equation (4), r2:

                                                      r2 = (last digit ID)                  (4)

Part A:

Based on the expressions above, provide a qualitative assessment of the reactions. From this assessment, provide the ideal conditions for the formation of G.


Part B:

Quantitatively, N and A reactants are introduced into a vessel via 2 separate streams (i.e. two separate pipes connected to the tank). Each stream, before they enter the reactor, has a concentration of 1200 kmol m-3 h-1.

With the current process, I can only achieve an 80% conversion of the N to get the G.

Evaluate quantitatively to determine which reactor, plug flow or perfectly mixed, that would provide the greatest concentration of G.

How would you add the A reactant to the reaction to increase the formation of G?

Provide a quantitative assessment to provide a justification for your answer.

Summary: This question belongs to thermodynamics and discusses about reactor and to provide a qualitative assessment of the reactions.

Total word count: 1160


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