Qualitative Data Analysis


Qualitative data analysis:

These activities are aimed at developing skills in basic qualitative data analysis
Interview analysis (you may analyze your own interview or a transcript that can be downloaded from a current affairs or interview-based TV program)


Students are required to analyze an interview using the following techniques:
1.    Coding (for example inductive or deductive, open coding, axial coding, descriptive coding, pattern coding) WITH codes clearly marked, and a note on what kind of codes each is.
2.    Thematic analysis (developing broad themes from the codes developed above – themes can be deductive, inductive or a mixture or both)
3.    Analytic memoing as a separate sheet
Initial coding should be done manually on the transcript. Thematic analysis should also be conducted manually and can be in the form of handwritten notes, electronic tables, mind maps etc. Analytical techniques, and examples of these, will be discussed in further detail in class.

Something may help:

•    The starting point of qualitative analysis
•    The process of putting labels or tags against the data
•    Requires searching for themes
i)    Descriptive codes
ii)    Inferential codes
•    Ideas come through the process of organizing your data.

•    Occurs simultaneously with coding (and any other time).
•    Ideas that occur to the researcher during the coding process
i)    could be done on a scrap of paper, as a word document, on a paper notepad, on a whiteboard etc….
•    Should have conceptual content
•    Can be used for abstracting and comparing
i)    (it only needs to make sense to you).


The question belongs to Statistics and it is about Qualitative Data Analysis. The analysis requires following techniques such as coding including inductive, deductive, open, axial, descriptive and pattern coding along with thematic analysis and analytic memoing.

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