Punctuate the sentences with commas, question marks, semicolons, colons, hyphens and dashes


A. Comma Use
Punctuate the following sentences correctly adding the appropriate commas:

1. A compatible amiable roommate helps and you will want access to a computer.
2. Students also must afford books supplies and food.
3. A manageable realistic budget keeps money matters in order.
4. Students should work hard think deeply and enjoy their time in college.
5.With goals such as these students can get the most out of college.
6.Gareth L. Powell who is an author in his own right said the book gives us a dystopia to rival 1984.
7.Lauren Beukes an avid user of social media released a Moxyland soundtrack and a plush doll which gave two-thirds of its proceeds to a women’s charity.
8.I live at 3415 West Kane Drive Chicago Illinois.
9.If you think I turned them out well you’re mistaken.
10.They purchased a car that was too expensive but they figured they could put the payments on a credit card.

B. Semicolon, Colon, Hyphen and Dash Use
Punctuate the following sentences correctly adding the appropriate semicolons, colons, hyphens, and dashes:

1.Copland also founded ASCAP the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.
2.ASCAP made it possible to be a composer it set up royalty standards.
3.Copland was trained in Paris despite that fact, he was all-American.
4.Copland is well known for one piece “Fanfare for the Common Man.”
5.In the ‘50s, Copland and Bernstein ran up against an antagonist McCarthy.
6.There were forty five people in line at the store.
7.My father in law is an honest, trustworthy man.
8.She was a dependable, hard working law student.
9.The expression carpe diem seize the day was written on the classroom wall.
10.Performing before a live audience that’s what I love.

C. Quotation Marks and Italics (Circled) Use
Punctuate the following sentences correctly by adding the correct quotation marks and circling the phrases that should be italicized.

11.I read the article Five Cures for Writer’s Block in the magazine Writer’s Digest.
12. Did the judge just say, Apollo Ohno is disqualified?
13.The music on the album Solar Plexus is what people call jazz-fusion.
14.Where is Bill? asked Jacob. Didn’t he say he’d be right back?
15. I played The Llama Song; my roommate objected.


This exercise in English is about correcting sentences with punctuation marks such as commas, stops, semicolons, colon, hyphens and dashes. The right answers for these sentences have been given in the solution.

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