Pros and Cons of Abortion


What are the pros and cons of having an abortion?



Pros and Cons of Abortion

Introduction: There is always a certain degree of debate associated with the word “abortion”. The term itself provokes many layers of discussions and opinions budding out from different school of thoughts. However, there are many laws that govern the legality of the matter and in as much as 30 countries, abortion is legalized. The legalization or moral acceptance of abortion is different in different countries especially depending on the factors like economic well-being, social status of women and overall education.   Considering the sensitivity of the issue it is interesting to determine the various pros and cons of abortion.

Cons of Abortion:

Irrespective of the legality of the matter, there are various moral opponents of this practice. In that respect, abortion simply implies denying someone the right to live. Various religious groups and social reformers have fought for this cause and equated abortion with murder. Abortion as a topic provokes various forms of protests and is often shown in the negative lights. (Dixon-Mueller & Dagg, 2002).  This kind of acts burden the person, going through abortion, with unnecessary pressure in the form of guilt provoked depression and other psychological problem. Since many people tend to make big deal with the concept of abortion, the overall psychological baggage of the operation is more on the patient, than any other regular operations. This creates a flux in the mothers’ personal lives.

Secondly repeated acts of abortions might diminish or absolutely eradicate any further chances of getting pregnant in the future. For that reason, for some callous acts in ones early life, a greater price is being paid in the later years, when the person actually is trying to become pregnant. (Dixon-Mueller & Dagg, 2002).  The act of abortion is often a fall-back option but some people tend to rely on it too much thereby not only diluting the charm of becoming a mother but also at the same time damaging her chances of becoming a mother, ever.

The act of abortion can trigger various health problems for the mother including haemorrhage and infection or sepsis. It also causes various internal damages like in the form of damage to the cervix, scarring of the uterine lining and even perforation of the uterus.  Repeated abortions can also damage various other organs like kidney, liver and the intestines. (Fennell, 2011). However, the single most negative effect of abortion is the threat of death of the patient itself. Sometimes the loss of blood is to that certain extent that it becomes impossible for the doctors to save the life of the person, undergoing the operations. (Freedman et al, 2010).

Pros of abortion:

No matter how harsh it might sound but abortion often becomes the only respite for few people. If we take the case of the thousands of rape victims, especially the ones who are minor, throughout the world, abortion gives them the option to get rid of the unnecessary burden of raising an unwanted child. Case studies show that many cases of abortion actually have helped the rape victims to recover from both the physical and psychological damage inflicted upon them.

Also abortion provides the ultimate fall-back option for people who got accidentally pregnant and has no means to support child care. (Fennell, 2011). It unburdens many victims from the compulsions of raising a child especially when they can financial crisis and other social problems.

Abortion also offers relief from undergoing multiple pregnancies. A woman giving birth to several children often suffers from calcium deficits among many other physical and psychological problems. (Fennell, 2011).  Abortion saves this kind of women from this kind harm and offers them a chance to live a healthy life.

In many cases unplanned pregnancy, in an otherwise healthy couple, causes a lot of pain and stress and abortion is a quick solution for these couples to get the track back to normal life. Even though it sounds a bit harsh but the truth remains that untimely pregnancy can hamper a couple’s life and abortion provides the bypass. Abortion also is a great avenue for reducing the rate of teenage pregnancy. (Freedman et al, 2010).

Conclusion: Abortion certainly is a fall-back option for many women, around the globe, especially when they are not in a mental or financial state to raise a child. Unplanned pregnancies and teenage pregnancies often ruin lives of people and abortion does provide that respite. However, it also should be noted that abortion has its risks adhered to it. There are very harmful side-effects of abortion and is prone to cause permanent organ damage or even death of the probable mother. That is why abortion should only be the final fall-back option and should only be considered as an alternative when the other avenues are completely closed. For instance, if the pregnancy is unplanned, the couple or the mother can look for legal methods of giving up the child for adoption rather than aborting it. (Dixon-Mueller & Dagg, 2002). Abortion can be saviour if the mother’s life is in danger or she is not physically or emotionally equipped to undergo a child birth. is the #1 Nursing Assignment Help Writing Service:  

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