Presentation On Judaism


Prepare a presentation on Judaism.  The presentation must be geared toward teaching a young person aged between 9-14 years about Judaism.

·         Relationship with God/Torah

·         History of Key Sacred Texts

·         Ten Commandments

·         Jerusalem

·         The Nation of Israel

·         Different Sects of Judaism

·         The Holocaust

·         Sacred Practices and Holidays

·         Judaism today

·         Include a minimum of 10 slides.

·         Should have a good combination of pictures and bullet points in the slides.

·         Include speaker’s notes that describe what you would say if you were actually presenting it to an audience.



The question belongs to Religion and it is about preparing a presentation about the origins and the philosophy of Judaism. The standard of the presentation has been kept to a basic level where a young teen aged between 9-14 years of age can understand about Judaism.

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