Portland City Herbicide Comparison Study Report


The City of Portland has contracted your company to control the weeds on public walkways, streets, rights-of-way, fencerows, utility poles, and fire hydrants. Your boss has decided that the company will use an herbicide as the most cost-effective means of doing the job. The job consists of roughly 800 acres of unwanted vegetation to be eliminated. The city wants only ONE herbicide application this year. You are to recommend one of the two following herbicides based on the criteria given:


Cost: $250-$350 per square acre of treated area is the acceptable range

Safety: The herbicide must meet local, state, and federal guidelines for safety to humans, animals, and the environment in general

Effectiveness: Each herbicide must be applied in the spring for maximum effectiveness. SuperGoat destroys plants by attacking the leaves and circulating throughout the plant's system until the herbicide reaches the roots. As soon as it passes through the root system, the herbicide biodegrades in the soil. It does, however, work less effectively unless an oily or wax "carrier" is added to it to make sure it doesn't wash off in the rain. The other herbicide, TechnoFix, destroys plants by attacking the roots first and chemically neutralizing the plant's ability to pump nutrients and water through its root system. TechnoFix is a soil sterilant if misapplied--in other words, the soil saturated with TechnoFix will never again support life as we know it. At recommended application rates, soil sterilization does not occur.

Structure a recommendation report based upon the above information.


This question belongs to management and discusses about herbicide comparison study report of Portland.

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