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Calculation of Average Acceleration of Space Scooter

Question An astronaut has left the International Space Station to test a new space scooter. Her partner measures the following velocity changes, each taking place in a time interval 11.0 s. What are the average acceleration in each interval? Assume that the positive direction is to the right. Part ... Read More

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Calculation of Rotational Kinetic Energy of a Bowling Ball

Question   What is the rotational kinetic energy of a 10-lb (4.54-kg) bowling ball (solid sphere with radius 9.50 cm) moving at 4.0 m/s? (recall: 1kg =2.205 lbs.)   Answer   Drop an email to and get instant access to the solution. ... Read More

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Head Loss Calculations Using Constant Friction Factor

Question A one-meter in diameter holding tank, which is opened to the atmosphere, is filled with water. A four-inch line (ID) connects the bottom of the tank to a control valve, 30 feet below (assume the liquid level in the tank has negligible impact on the head). To simplify head loss calculations ... Read More

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P&ID Design of a Suitable Control System around Steam Condenser

Question Draw a P&ID of a suitable control system around a steam condenser. Inlets of the condenser include saturated steam and a glycol liquid stream that needs to be heated. The control objective is to be able to maintain the outlet temperature of the glycol stream at a desired set point. Su ... Read More

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Possible Disturbances that Affect the Temperature of a House

Question The process that occurs when a hockey goalie stops a puck is an example of feedback or feedforward control? Explain and draw the block diagram of the control system. b) List all possible disturbances that can affect the inside temperature of a house. Would a feedforward control system be ... Read More

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Disturbances Affecting Operation of a Steam Condenser

Question a) List four disturbances that can affect the operation of a steam condenser. b) Draw a possible feedback control system for a) that would control the temperature of the outlet fluid being heated. Show the sensor, controller and final control element. Summary This question belongs to ph ... Read More

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Pressure to Open and Pressure to Close Valves

Question Explain your choice of a pressure-to-open (normally closed) or pressureto- close (normally opened) valve in the following scenarios: a) A valve on a cooling water line which is used to cool down a reactor hosting an exothermic reaction b) A valve on a water line heading to a treatment pl ... Read More

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Analog Signal of a Pressure Transmitter with 100 to 300 psig Range

Question What would be the analog signal of a pressure transmitter with a range of 100 – 300 psig if the measured pressure is 227 psig? Summary This question belongs to physics and discusses about analog signal of a pressure transmitter. Word count: NA   ... Read More

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Calculation of Thermal Diffusivity and Biot Number of a Process

Question A process for preserving peas involves heating them quickly to a high temperature by immersion in boiling water. In a particular case, peas with an average diameter of 10.0 mm are to be heated to an average temperature of 950 C by rapid immersion in boiling water at 1000 C. the initial tem ... Read More

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Calculation of Heat Transfer Rate and Enthalpies of Liquids

Question A double- effect evaporator is to be designed to concentrate a 5.0% (mass) NaOH solution to 30%. Steam is available at 3300F, 77.3 psia and the condensing temperature of the vapor from the lowest pressure effect is 1800 F. an initial guess for the T of the first effect results in the value ... Read More

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Determination of Minimum Gas Flow Rate

Question A packed tower is to be designed to remove ammonia from an aqueous liquid stream by stripping with air. The entering liquid has an NH3 mole fraction of 0.0425 and a flow rate of 0.4 kmol/min; the gas is pure air, 80% of the ammonia is to be removed from the liquid. The figure below shows t ... Read More

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Total Apparent Power Burden on the Current Transformer

Question If a watthour meter draws 1.5 W and 11.3 vars from a potential transformer, and 1.2 W and 1.8 vars from a current transformer, the total apparent power burden on the current transformer is Summary: This question belongs to electrostatics in physics and discusses about total apparent power ... Read More

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