Peter F Drucker's Views on Post-Capitalist Society, knowledge transfer, corporate social responsbiity questions


1.1. Each year, a few students are initially scandalized by the title of the Post-Capitalist Society, but Drucker strongly believes in both free markets and entrepreneurship. What does Drucker mean by Post-Capitalist Society? In answering this question, make sure you identify the controlling resource that will replace capital.  

1.2. Drucker also states that “Instead of capitalist and proletarians, the classes of the post-capitalist society are knowledge workers and service workers.”  Explain what characterizes each of these classes.  

2. Drucker states: [In] an organization, diversification means splintering.  It destroys the performance capacity of any organization—whether business, labor union, school, hospital, community service or church.  Organization is a tool.  As with any tool, the more specialized it’s given task, the greater its performance capacity.
Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Support your answer.  

3. It is clear that many organizations from small businesses to educational institutions to hospitals to law enforcement are engaged in increasingly diversified activities. For example, we in higher education believe we need to provide services to “gifted” high school students and to continue the educational process through graduate education and life-long learning. Does this type of diversification damage higher education and diminish its performance capacity or does it strengthen it?  Explain and support your answer—particularly with other statements from Drucker.  

4. Peter Drucker describes the social responsibility of organizations in Chapter 5. Describe the social responsibilities of an organization that you are familiar with.  How does the increasing organizational transparency of a knowledge society affect the organization in executing its social responsibilities?  

5. Create and answer a question you consider of greatest importance related to the readings. Be sure to explain WHY your question is so important using readings from the class. Also explain what facts/data a good answer must take into consideration. Be sure to explain how YOU interpret these facts or data and the how you reason to your interpretation. Also compare your perspective to that of other authors we have studied.  

These questions belong to Sociology and particularly to Peter F Drucker’s views and ideology about post-capitalist society, capital being replaced by knowledge in post-capitalist society, not for profit organizations and corporate social responsibility, etc. Each of these questions have been answered in a concise manner.

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