Organization Management Practices for Modern Day: Report on Instilling Management Practices in an Organization


Choose any MNC or SME of your choice. The company must be an international company with Singapore based operations or can be a Singapore company only operating locally or with international operations or affiliations.

You are recently employed as a General Manager in the chosen company. All companies are vulnerable to external forces that affect them in accomplishing their goals. The CEO wants you to make analysis on these external forces so that they can make relevant changes and remain competitive in the market place. The CEO also wants you to instill a modern day management practice within the organization based on the four functions of management.

Your report must answer the following questions and include all the factors stated below. You must use terms found within the study of management. You are encouraged to look up various textbooks and journals to find these terms to gain additional knowledge on management through exploration.

Importance must be placed on how the management principles are cleared, outlined and how they are applied in context to the chosen company.

1.    Introduction of the company, it business  & any other facts.
2.    An analysis of at least 4 environmental factors that affects the business of the chosen company.
3.    An analysis of at least 2 major factors that affects the business.


The question belongs to Management and it deals with how to instill modern management practices within an organization based on four functions of management. A report explaining this has been given. An example of a Singapore based company known as SingTel has been given in the solution to explain the management practices. SingTel is a telecommunications firm in Singapore, which is expanding its market share at a constant rate and is now stretching beyond national boundaries. It is considered as one of the Pan-Asian telecommunications giant.

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