Organic Compounds that Occur in Humans Body


Match the items below to the descriptions. Insert letter of correct answer into space provided. Chose only one answer for each description.

  1. amino acids
  2. carbohydrates
  3. lipids
  4. fatty acids
  5. glycerol
  6. nucleotides
  7. monosaccharides
  8. proteins

______1. Building blocks of carbohydrates.

_____ 2.  Building blocks of fat.

_____ 3.  Building blocks of protein.

_____ 4.  Building blocks of nucleic acids.

_____ 5.  Class that usually includes cholesterol.

_____ 6.  The single most important fuel source for body cells.

_____ 7.  Not soluble in water.

_____ 8.  Contain C, H, and O in the ratio CH2O.

_____ 9.  Contain C, H, and O, but have relatively small amounts of oxygen.

_____ 10.  These building blocks contain N in addition to C, H, and O.

_____ 11.  Include collagen and hemoglobin.

_____ 12.  Contain P in addition to C, H, O, and N.

_____ 13.  Used to insulate the body and found in all cell membranes,

_____ 14.  Primary components of meat and cheese.

_____ 15.  Primary components of bread and pasta.

_____ 16.  Primary components of egg yolk and peanut oil.



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