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Multiple Choice Questions In Supply Chain Management

Question1. Which of the following is not one of the conditions demanding negotiation?    A. Impossible to estimate costs with a high degree of certainty        B. Price is not the only important variable        C. Market must ... Read More

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Explain Focus and Key Environmental Factors in Operations Management

Question Examine the operations function by explaining the following questions •    define operations management •    explain the focus of operations management •    identify the key environmental factors affecting operations management ... Read More

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Key Factors Affecting the Design of Products or Services

Question Examine the organisation of the operations processes and answer the questions. •    Identify the key factors affecting the design of products or services and possible benefits to be gained from good design •    Discuss possible layouts for a given s ... Read More

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Explain the Importance of Strategic Decisions in Operations Management

Question Understand the importance of strategic operations management and answer the following: •    Discuss differing operations strategies •    Analyze and evaluate an operations strategy appropriate to a given situation •    Identify t ... Read More

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Capacity Planning and Control Approach to handle a Situation

Question Understand how planning and control are used in operations and answer the questions: •  analyse a given situation and select a capacity planning and control approach for a given situation •  discuss various methods of inventory planning and the likely costs and benefit ... Read More

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Scenario Analysis: Decison Tree Analysis, TreePlan & Bayes Rule

Question You work for a large international oil company searching for oil off the coast of Australia, not too far from Melbourne, Your firm has acquired drilling rights at two locations, sites A and B, and you are contemplating your firm's options, 1.    First consider site A alone. ... Read More

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Scenario: Inventory Analysis of a Surgical Company

Question SURGERY ASSOCIATES, a local surgery practice group, orders implants from device manufacturers. Order quantities for ten items have been determined based on the past two years of usage. Other relevant information from the practice's inventory records is depicted in Table. The practice is f ... Read More

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Quality Management Capability Study

Question Quality is always wondering if the processes that are in place are fit for purpose. Our various manufacturing processes make what has been agreed and specified by our customers and interested parties a reality. Are our manufacturing processes capable of doing the job, are they fit for purp ... Read More

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Essay on Tata Nano Factory's Corporate Chain Value

Question Write an essay on Megafactories: Tata Nano: Construct the corporate value chain on the Tata Nano, identifying the key activities behind the competencies that have been developed to create value for the firm. How does the value created in the corporate value chain become valuable? Summary ... Read More

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Write a Reflection Paper on Near Bear Simulation Game

Question Write a Reflection Paper on Near Bear Simulation Game. Instruction: this simulation and write a one page reflection paper. Summary The question belongs to Operations Management and it is a reflection paper for a simulation game. The ... Read More

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Essay on Purchase Function in a Small Organization

Question Introduction:In a large organization, a specialized department or team performs the procurement function. However, not every organization can support such a department or team. In a smaller organization, the project manager is expected to perform procurement functions while managing the pr ... Read More

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Research Analysis on Intermodal and Intramodal Transfer of Passenger and Cargo Security under State Government Transport System

Question Assume that you are a consultant advising a state government transportation commission. Analyze the appropriate characterization of the transportation network. How does this specifically affect the challenges of ensuring safe travel? Provide your analysis in a research paper. Address the f ... Read More

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