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Volume-based Measures Used For Applying Overhead Costs

QuestionVolume-based measures may be used for applying overhead costs. When is this approach not satisfactory?A. Where overhead costs are trivial in amountB. Where overhead costs are driven by the number of production set-upsC. Where volume-based measures give the same product cost outcomes as activ ... Read More

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Time Driven Activity Based Costing

QuestionWhich of the following statements in relation to time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC) are correct?I. Time equations may be used for changing the complexity of transactions instead of separate activity classification to simplify the system.II. TDABC generates a geometric expansion of av ... Read More

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Target Cost And Cost Reduction To Achieve Target Cost

QuestionCristal Pty Ltd has decided to use target costing for all new products.The following data is available for a new product currently under consideration:Estimated sales volume                          ... Read More

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Solving Problems Arising Out Of Lean System Based On Toyota Production System

QuestionA company with three production lines is trying to implement a lean system based on the Toyota Production System. There have been a large number of quality issues arising over the past month and the company wants its employees to immediately address issues as they arise, rather than waiting ... Read More

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Options Available For Quality Assurance Team Which Finds Defective Unit

QuestionThe quality assurance department has found a defective unit. The cost of this unit was $75 in raw material, labor and overhead. There are now three options available to the organization. ·    Scrap the unit·    Sell the defective unit    ... Read More

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Payroll Department Outsourcing

QuestionPeaches Pty Ltd (Peaches) is considering outsourcing its payroll department. The following estimates have been obtained:·    In-house cost per payroll transaction                       ... Read More

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Evaluation Of Profit Margin, Costs And Revenue For A New Product

Question Felix Pty Ltd has commenced production of a calorie-reduced product (‘Lean Snackos’) for obese pets. It has decided to use target costing in order to obtain a satisfactory return on investment. The latest product life cycle estimates of the revenues, costs and profit margin for ... Read More

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Sales Strategy Adopted By Dell To Sell Computers Online

QuestionBusinesses provide value to customers in many ways. Dell for example, sells computers online. This is an example of providing value through a strategy of:A. Capitalizing on economies of scaleB. Total quality managementC. Distribution channel managementD. Adoption of advanced manufacturing te ... Read More

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Features And Aspects Of Activity Based Management

QuestionWhich of the following are aspects of activity-based management?I. Eliminating non-value adding activitiesII. Improving the productivity of value adding activitiesIII. Re-organizing inter-related activitiesIV. Analyzing customer profitabilityA. I and IV onlyB. II and III onlyC. I, II and III ... Read More

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Calculation Of Ratio Of Prevention Of Costs To Sales

QuestionThe following data relates to the financial year ended 30 June 20X9 for Westfall Pty Ltd.                                       ... Read More

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Critical Path To Be Taken For Project Completion

Question Consider a project which consists of six activities. The precedence relationships and activity times are as follows: Activity Preceding Activities Time (Days) 1   16 2   30 3 1 15 4 2 ... Read More

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Critical Path To Be Taken For Finishing A Project

QuestionDr. Alby Jones is a partner with a management consulting firm. Currently Dr. Jones is assisting a client with the preparation of a tender for a major contract. A PERT diagram indicating the expected time required to complete each activity in the tender preparation process is presented below. ... Read More

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