Operations Management Table of Organization Flowchart Question


Select an enterprise of your own and address all of the “Write Up” requirements below, in the order that they are given. The enterprise you select should be one that you feel comfortable with or perhaps have an interest in personally. This can be a real working company or one that you have envisioned.

The following rules apply:

1.    The size of the enterprise should be a small business (i.e. 25 – 500 employees).  

2.    An assumption is made that you have adequate operating capital and have already recruited all the necessary managers and staff.

3.    The company must be a for profit organization.
4.    You are the Chief Operating Officer and will make all of the relevant decisions.  
5.    You should use the following guidelines when selecting your enterprise (Choose from the following three types of organizations):

5.1.    A manufacturing firm assembling or manufacturing approximately three to six product models, of an item OR items that have around six to ten different parts.
5.2.    A service organization providing either an on or off site service, or a combination of both.
5.3.    A virtual corporation, having no one specific fixed physical facility, operating as a business to business collaborative setting to accomplish some specific project.  (This does not include businesses that sell only to end users.)

6.    On the first page of the “Write Up”, place a heading including your full name, class, date and enterprise name.  

7.    Prepare the “Write Up” so it is separated into sections and subsections as listed below.

“Write Up” Requirements:

Section One
1.    Prepare a table of organization, can be a flowchart, for the enterprise that you have selected. Start the table of organization with your position as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and proceed down through the level of your department heads and staff.  

Section Two
2.    Logically discuss your specific enterprise, using a SEPARATE subsection for each of the following aspects:   (use your text for reference)
A.    Design of Goods and Services
B.    Managing Quality
C.    Process and Capacity Design
D.    Location Strategy
E.    Layout Strategy
F.    Human Resources and Job Design
G.    Supply Chain Management
H.    Inventory, Material Requirements Planning and JIT
I.    Scheduling
J.    Maintenance

Section Three
3.    Prepare a formal statement of Mission, Goals, and Objectives for your enterprise do not worry about separate departmental statements, just create one universal set for the entire enterprise. (use your text for reference)

Section Four

4.    Discuss “Cost of Quality” in regards to your enterprise. (use your text for reference)


The assignment in operations management deals with a small business unit in which the Chief Operating Officer has to take decisions regarding the business operations the firm wants to foray into. Depending upon the chosen type of business, the organizational setup including design of goods and services, layout strategy, location strategy, etc are also to be designed. After this, the final part, the mission, goals and objectives of the organization along with the quality that the firm wants to give out have been discussed in the solution.

Total word count is 1944

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